Tikun Olam| Israeli Teenager Dies After Gay Pride Attack

mysh cartoon Israeli politicians incite to murder

Mysh to Israel’s right-wing leaders: “Maybe you didn’t directly tell them to go and murder,” but you are responsible nonetheless.

Earlier today, Shira Banki, a 16-year-old girl who was stabbed repeatedly by Yishai Shlissel at Jerusalem’s Gay Pride parade, died of her wounds. She attended one of Israel’s élite high schools affiliated with the Hebrew University. As such, her death strikes at the heart of Israel’s élite.  The entire nation mourns with her family, except perhaps the Haredi community and the homophobes who run the country from some of the major ministries.

bezalel smotrich

Israeli MK Bezalel Smotrich is deputy Knesset speaker. He featured a donkey as part of his anti-gay Parade of Beasts in 2006 (David Sheen).

Take Naftali Bennett for example.  His party, Bayit Yehudi, made homophobia a major part of its electoral platform.  In fact, this helped it become the political flavor of the month, the second most popular party in the governing coalition.  As I wrote this week in Mint Press News, one party Knesset candidate called homosexuality “suicide for society.”  Another boasted of being a “proud homophobe.”  This Pride of the Right also held an anti-gay rally on Pride Day in Jerusalem in 2006 (only a year after Shlissel’s first attack) and called it the “Parade of the Beasts.”

That’s why Mysh wrote this denunciation of Israel’s political élite to accompany his cartoon on Facebook:

Maybe you didn’t tell them to go and murder [anyone].  Maybe you never said anything that a court could find was incitement to murder (even though some of you have even done that).  But one thing is certain: the past few days have proven without doubt that you aren’t prepared, don’t wish to, and perhaps don’t even know how to accept responsibility for what has crossed your lips.  Your words are vacuous even from your own perspective.  That’s why you can say something and then renounce it, then saying the exact opposite immediately afterward; even when your words are written-down black and white and your lies are transparent.  Who cares?!  They’re just words.

None of you have any real beliefs.  Even Brother Bennett.  You’re little more than a band of wretched opportunists  who float on an endless stream of bubbles, consisting of empty words you sprinkle about.  Without any accountability.  Without any judgment.

But these aren’t soap bubbles.  They have weight and meaning.  Everything you said, when it would’ve been better if you’d shut your mouths; everything you didn’t say when you should’ve spoken up–this all has weight.  Bibi, Bennett, Bouzi, Lapid–the whole gang–the blood of these two children, one girl and one baby, who were murdered in the past few days–are your fault.”

Something new is reflected in the Israeli response to this rampage and the arson attack on the Dawabsheh family, which killed an 18 month-old infant and left three other family members with serious injuries. Israelis, unlike the normal reaction, are calling this terror.

Even the prime minister, representing a political party known for its Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism, paid his respects to the Palestinian family in the hospital. But his words were empty. They were the same words heard after numerous previous Jewish terror attacks.

If you listen to the video above note that he simply cannot express a genuine human emotion.  The words convey this meaning, but just look at his face.  It’s a conniving visage lacking in any humanity.  Why do I say that?  Because of what comes afterward.  He notes he called the Palestinian leader, whom he graces with the honorific “President Abbas.”  This is the same president he rails against and blames for incitement when there is a Palestinian terror attack.  The same one who he insults as a dwarf and hopeless misfit whenever it’s convenient.

Then he follows this with an invocation of peace.  Another empty gesture.  Why would any Palestinian in their right mind believe Israel wants peace when terrorists supported directly and indirectly by the State itself run rampant?  When State security forces are so incompetent as to allow a known homicidal maniac recently released from prison access to the same weapon he attacked the Gay Pride parade with ten years earlier?  When they don’t monitor his whereabouts?  Don’t even know he boasted on a public forum that he’d be bringing his knives to the parade and invited his pals to do so as well?

No, as Mysh says, this is a sham.  This is government drowning in a cesspool of lies and self-deception.  It fools no one except perhaps the voters who put it in office.

For those who dispute my claim above that the government itself supports the very terrorists it claims to abhor,note this article (Hebrew) about the Israeli pro-terror NGO, Honenu (it provides legal representation to accused Jewish terrorists and supports their families, among other activities).  It states that the government subsidizes Honenu (through it’s NGO tax-exemption), which in turn financially supports Jewish terrorists and their families.  They name Ami Popper as one example among many who receive this benefit.  Popper is serving a life sentence for murdering seven Palestinians in a West Bank terror attack.  His family is awarded grants worth tens of thousands of shekels.  Honenu has directed a total of $60,000 directly to the convicted Jewish terrorists and another $10,000 to their families.  The report notes that the Israeli taxpayer is, in effect, supporting Jewish terror.

avi malka israeli police officer racist

Quotations from Israeli police officer Avi Malka’s Facebook page (David Sheen)

More proof of official sanction for murder: An Israeli police officer, Avi Malka, wrote on Facebook that Shira Banki “had it coming” to her. He also said he hoped during Operation Protective Edge that, instead of killing 500 Palestinian children, Israel had killed a million. Despite the fact that Malka’s Facebook banner photo shows him in uniform, riding an official police motorcycle, the police replied that he was not on “active duty,” as if this absolved it of responsiblity.  As if the rest of the police force doesn’t share such homicidal, racist views.

mysh cartoon moloch

“Messiah, the King”: graffiti scrawled on the wall of the Palestinian home set ablaze by settler terrorists, killing a baby and severely burning his mother, father and brother. (Mysh)

Mysh composed another brilliant cartoon about the arson attack in the West Bank village of Hebron, in which 18 month-old Ali Saad Dawabsheh was burned to death by settler terrorists. Palestinian eye-witnesses say they saw the attackers standing over the bodies as they burned. They did nothing to help them.

Mysh remembered (as I did in my Mint Press story) the Biblical-era pagan god, Moloch, who demanded the sacrifice of young children. Those familiar with the story of the sacrifice of Issac will remember the theory advanced by Bible critics that the ending of that story, in which the angel of God stays Abraham’s hand as he’s about to slit Issac’s hand, is a deliberate refutation of this pagan rite. Leonard Cohen’s song puts this view eloquently in his Song for Isaac:

You who build these altars now
To sacrifice these children,
You must not do it anymore.
A scheme is not a vision
And you never have been tempted
By a demon or a god.

Mysh’s cartoon is brilliant because it employs the very graffiti the murderers scrawled on the Palestinian home (“Messiah, the King” in Hebrew). But he adds vocalization, daubed in blood-red paint, to the word “king” (melechin Hebrew) which transforms the word into “Moloch.” In effect, he says that the settlers are worshippers of a vicious, brutal pagan god. A god who demands the blood of babies for his rites. Mysh tells us that these evil ones are not Jews. They are worshipers of idols and demons.  Israel must vomit up such evil if it ever wishes to be cleanses of the sins these terrorists represent. Instead, I fear the State itself will increasingly embrace them.  That will make it a terror state on a par with North Korea.

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